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Frequently asked questions

What is Salty Hour?

What is Salty Hour

Salty Hour is an hour of free surfing at specific beaches. The benefit of surfing during this hour is that you will receive some cool tips on how to improve your surfing from experienced surfers. 

Who can join Salty Hour?

Who can join Salty Hour?

Our youngest Salty has been 3 years old and our eldest Salty 76 years old. Age, race and social class are not a barrier, rich or poor we do not care. Anyone can join and that is what separates us from other "charitable" surf schools.

Are there any costs?

Are there any costs?

Attending Salty Hour is 100% free, there are no costs. Zero. 

Where is Salty Hour?

Where is Salty Hour?

Currently Salty Hour operates at Gonubie Beach, East London and in Cape Town, Kommetjie area.

What equipment do I need?

What equipment do i need?

We do our utmost to provide surfboards which we secure through the generous donations of our sponsors and also individuals who want to help spread the stoke. If you do have your own surfboard, please do bring it along. Wetsuits make surfing a little less chilly but they are not a necessity, so a bathing suite or boardshorts will be fine to get your Salty fix!

What are my risks of participating in Salty Hour?

What are the risks of participating?

The risk is all yours. The ocean is a dangerous place and takes years and years of time in the water to understand the dangers, moods and rip currents. The Salty helpers are there to give assistance and help you learn faster than you would on your own. Salty helpers (anyone assisting at a Salty Hour session) cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death by your participation in Salty Hour or by the legal guardian of a participant.


Please read our disclaimer HERE. 

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