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Indemnity and Disclaimer

By participation in Salty Hour or as a parent or legal guardian of a participant, you hereby consent to / or on behalf as a legal guardian of a participant to the following:

  1. I confirm that I / and my child is able to swim;

  2. I understand that the surf instructor is not a swimming coach, and is not responsible to teach my child how to swim;

  3. I confirm that my child does not suffer from any medical condition or allergy that would come about as a result of swimming in the ocean and which could impair his/her ability while in the ocean;

  4. I understand that while every precaution will be taken for the safety and welfare of my child when receiving surfing assistance, I will hold blameless and indemnify all persons associated with Salty Hour, related to the activities and lessons, should any prejudice, loss, damage, illness or injury occur to my child during the above activity;

  5. This indemnity shall include but not be limited to an injury sustained as a result of colliding with another surfer-learner while in the ocean, colliding with rocks in the ocean and on the shore, stings and/or burns from jellyfish, injury from any other living animal found in the ocean;

  6. This includes an indemnity against recovery of costs including resulting from damage, loss and/or medical conditions or hospitalisation.

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