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Salty Hour is 1 hour of free surf guidance from experienced surfers, once a week in Gonubie and Cape Town.

We love the saying "The best things in life are free" and what better way to pay homage to the surfing lifestyle by passing on the stoke!

Salty Hour was founded in 2015, Gonubie, East London by Jono Bruton and Tyrell Johnson. Both surfers have grown up surfing Gonubie from a very young age and with 40+ years of surfing between them collectively.

The stoke of Salty Hour spread as far as Cape Town where East London ex-pat now living in CT, Brett “Spock” Sanderson, caught wind of the initiative and has gone on to captain the Salty Hour initiative in CT. 


We have great support from our local surfers at Gonubie Beach and Kommetjie. Our team varies and is often rotational. If you want to spread the stoke and have water experience, come join us!

Many people won’t experience the feeling of riding a wave in their lifetime. For many reasons, some obvious and some not so obvious. Fear of the unknown, fear of the ocean, poverty, no accessibility to equipment, confidence issues... At Salty Hour we break down some of those barriers by creating an environment to educate beginner surfers about the ocean, create comfort by guiding them in the water, building confidence in the water and providing the equipment required to ride that very first wave.


In many instances, first time surfers of Salty Hour have gone on to continue surfing, falling in love with our magnificent lifestyle and some have even gone on to represent at a provincial and national level of surfing competitively. Others simply do not return but leave with a memory of riding a wave for the very first time. It really is bucket list kinda stuff.

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