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Salty Hour flattening the COVID-19 curve

At the time of writing, South Africa has already been strictly addressed by the President who has communicated preventative measures that we should all be taking to do our part in limiting the spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus. These measures are mostly in an attempt to flatten the curve.

If you are not sure how flattening the curve works or what it means...

As surfers, good health is always top of mind to keep us ripping up the waves and never being sidelined when it is cooking, so we have no doubt that you have ALL taken the current circumstances seriously.

As of today, 17 March 2020, the Salty crew have made the very easy decision to postpone / suspend all future Salty Hour sessions indefinitely in order to do our part in preventing a collective gathering of people in one place.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we will communicate effectively to all our Salty surfers when we are back up and running so that you don't miss out.

In light of the above we would like to convey the following important tips and information to our beloved Salties:

Do your part in flattening the curve:

Take this responsibility seriously.

There is a responsibility on each and everyone of us to take preventative measures to slow down and stop the spread of this disease. Take this responsibility seriously.

Do not spread panic and know the facts:

Panic and fear solves nothing.

Unfortunately there are those that thrive on spreading misinformation, panic and fear. Keep calm, collected and stay positive.

For factual information, our South African Health Department has done a fantastic job at keeping us updated on a specially developed website. The information here is official and factual and also displays regular updates on new cases and death toll.

Go check it out now:

Stay active, keep surfing:

Barring you are not ill, keep surfing.

Surfing is a non-contact sport. You can enjoy the open air in the salt water usually within a safe distance from other surfers. Staying fit and strong boosts your immune system and no doubt will keep you sane and positive through COVID-19 challenges we are currently facing.

Be vigilant when in the car park getting in and out of your suit, this is a public space. Do not be shy to halt anyone approaching you at safe distance (preferably 1 meter or more) - do not engage with car guards, if you want to tip them, flip a coin to them at a distance when leaving.


For further information on how you can help flatten the curve, protect those around you, debunk myths and keep yourself safe please visit:

To stay up to date with Salty Hour please join our WhatsApp groups found HERE (bear in mind we are limited to 250 members at a time so do not join if you are not planning on being a Salty regular).

Stay Salty till next time

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