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3 Beginner surfing tips on how to get started

So you want to give surfing a try?

First you will need some basic equipment, some mates to make the experience fun and safe and then figure out which stance is the best for you.

Keeping things bite-sized and fun, this is our first installment of beginner surf tips by Salty Hour.

1. Get the right equipment suited to your skill level

Beginner surfboards

To surf there are only a handful of things you will need:

1. *A surfboard

2. A leash (leg-rope stops you from losing your board in the water and safety need)

3. Surf wax (stops you from slipping off your board)

4. Wetsuit (optional based on water temperature and your resilience to cold)


A beginner surfer should use the biggest board they can get their hands on. The bigger the board the easier to paddle into waves and the more stable the board will be when riding waves. Using the right board will be the difference between catching a wave and standing compared to getting frustrated, smashed by waves and giving up.

As a rule of thumb we recommend an 8ft soft-top board similar to the one you can find HERE.

2. Buddy up, do not surf alone!

Getting pounded by waves is much more fun when you have a friend to laugh it off with.

Try find a friend who has some experience with surfing to guide you during your first few months of surfing or even better, join Salty Hour. The ocean is a dangerous place and the buddy system is even applied by the most experienced surfers. Always keep an eye on each other.

3. Natural or goofy footed?

There are two types of stances in surfing. Natural or Goofy simply means which foot goes at the back of your board.

The foot at the back of your board is generally that of your strongest leg but this isn't always so. If you are a skateboarder you would probably have this figured out already. If not, try standing with the leg you would usually kick a ball with at the back of the board or simply whatever feels more natural for you.

Bonus tip: The foot which goes at the back of the board is the one that you will attach your leash to before paddling out.

Surf slang of the week:

Goofy Footed = Surfer who surfs with their left foot at the back

Natural Footed = Surfer who surfs with their right foot at the back

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